The Quill

When I first started work in this industry, publishing was about paper. Tear sheets. Trim size. File to printer and bound book dates.

My first job was as an editor. We used red pens and Microsoft Word. I spent my first five years in this industry rising through the editorial ranks. To Senior and then Executive Editor. Customizing content for No Child Left Behind and then the Common Core. Authoring and editing new programs from the ground up.

About five years ago, tear sheets became storyboards. Static print lessons became dynamic interactive web-based games. And I was among the first to transition from editor to instructional designer, creating and adapting content for delivery via a new platform.

The Hammer

As I advanced in my career, my day-to-day responsibilities became less content-focused and more management-focused. I was creating budgets and schedules, recruiting and hiring, contracting freelance resources and vendors, and running meetings. I was drafting RFPs and approving invoices. I found that I loved management. I loved the data, the people, the processes.

When I left my full-time job in 2014 to have a baby, I was serving as a director of project management, managing an in-house team and a portfolio of projects in excess of $3 million a year.

Life is EASIER when development
and management go HAND IN HAND.